Protective Hand Cream

Protective Hand Cream


A clean, simple all natural climbing aid with plant derived oils and skin friendly botanical extracts.


Overall Product benefits

Hydrates: increases skin’s moisture absorption and counteracts dryness.

Protects: softens skins and combats damage.

Soothes: calms skin as an anti-irritant with anti-inflammatory properties and reduces redness.

Repairs: stimulates cell proliferation and encourages natural exfoliation of the skin’s outer layer.


Cold pressed sunflower and coconut oil improves the skin's texture. Botanical Extracts like comfrey have skin reconditioning qualities while elder flower extract calms skin conditions. Cucumber extract assists in reducing skin irritation, and organic aloe helps skin's flexibility and hydration. Allantoin is excellent for dry dehydrated skin. Regarded for its soothing properties in softening the skin and allowing it to absorb more moisture.

  • How to use Hug A Rock's protective hand cream:

  • Eco-Friendly?

    Our hand cream is made from all natural products. Its plastic container is  recycled plastic and is also recyclable. It is made with renewable energy and causes zero waste to produce.