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Efix Roy

Quebec, Canada


Efix was first introduced to climbing after being invited to a top rope course and immediately fell in love with the sport. Since then, he has dedicated as much time as possible to climbing outdoors and travelling to different crags. He has been able to hone his skills on many different styles of rocks all over the world. He is now sharing his passion for the sport through community building activities and conferences, guiding and organizing group climbing trips and helping in the development and maintenance of local areas.

When he is not climbing, Efix manages his businesses and works as a professional body piercer and an infection control instructor.

Notable achievements:

  • Vortex, V10 in Bolton, Quebec, Canada

  • Closed Eye Visuals, V10 in Niagara Glen, Ontario, Canada

  • Abismal, V9/V10 in Rocklands, Cederberg, South Africa


Le Vortex, V10
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Closed Eye Visuals, V10
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Hologram Stand, V8
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Red House Extension, V8
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