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Annie Chouinard

Quebec, Canada


Annie started climbing after a career as a professional horse trainer. She dedicated herself to the equestrian world until 2007, when she suffered from an injury that no longer allowed her to ride full-time.​


Following the injury, she started hiking a lot in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and around Quebec. After bagging several peaks and completing multiple long hikes, she travelled to South America, then to Northern India and Nepal to ascend more summits.

To be able to reach higher peaks, she felt the need  to learn technical climbing skills. She first got introduced to ice climbing, then to rock climbing in 2010. In October of that year, she joined a friend for three months to climb in Spain, Morocco, and Turkey. This is when her true passion for climbing unfolded, she knew she wanted to pursue this mental and physical challenge wholeheartedly for the rest of her life.


After that trip, she started frequenting the gym more seriously. Although she used the climbing gym for training, it was real rock that captured her imagination. Soon she was spending a lot of time at the crags and on climbing trips. She considers herself primarily a sport climber, but strives to be a well-rounded climber. 

Notable achievements:

  • Pure Imagination, 5.14c in Red River Gorge, Kentucky, USA (hardest redpoint by a Canadian woman)

  • Sha Sha, 5.14a in Orford, Quebec, Canada (FFA)

  • Come On, 5.14a in Orford, Quebec, Canada (FFA)  (became the 7th Canadian woman to climb 5.14)


Pure Imagination, 5.14c
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Sha Sha, 5.14a
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Apocalypse, 5.13c
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Scorecard, 5.13d
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La couleur du vent, 5.13b
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