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Misty Forsberg

Arkansas, USA


Misty Forsberg began climbing in 2015 in her home state of Arkansas, USA. With an early start of climbing with two of her closest friends, she quickly came to see the endless strength and abilities of women in this sport. This has been a driving focus for her throughout climbing. Shortly after, she met her long time partner while climbing in Nevada. Their combined passion for the sport has lead to a life that is shaped around all things climbing. Her main focus is bouldering, but Misty also enjoys ice climbing and trad as well. She hopes to continue advancing in all three disciplines, while encouraging women and nonbinary climbers to see that there is a place for them in this incredible community. 

Notable achievements:

  • Abismal, V9/V10 in Rocklands, Cederberg, South Africa

  • À la Santé de Sharma, V8 in La Pocatière, Quebec, Canada

  • Lolita, V8 in Rocklands, Cederberg, South Africa

  • The Abyss, V8 in Rocklands, Cederberg, South Africa

  • Satanic Surfer, V8 in  Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada

  • ​Stegasaur V8, in Hueco Tanks, Texas, USA


Abismal, V9/10
Stegasaur, V8
Lolita, V8
The King, V4
Free Hugs, V7